A/B testing is the process of comparing two versions of a landing page, email, Facebook Ad campaign, or other marketing assets with just one different element. For example, if you are A/B testing a call-to-action button, you would create two versions of the same landing page, only the call-to-action changed.

A/B Testing has several benefits to a marketing team and is valuable to a business because it cost nothing and saves you money.

The most common goals marketers have for a business when conducting A/B Tests, or Split Tests are:

Increased Website Traffic:  Testing different blog posts or webpage titles can change the number of people who click on that hyperlinked title to get to your website. This can increase website traffic as a result.

Higher Conversion Rate:  Testing different locations, colours, or even anchor text on your CTAs can change the number of people who click these CTAs to get to a landing page. This can increase the number of people who fill out forms on your website, submit their contact info to you, and “convert” into a lead.

Lower Bounce Rate:  If your website visitors leave (or “bounce”) quickly after visiting your website, testing different blog post introductions, fonts, or feature images can reduce this bounce rate and retain more visitors.

Lower Cart Abandonment:  e-commerce businesses see 40% – 75% of customers leave their website with items in their shopping cart, according to MightyCall. This is known as “shopping cart abandonment.” Testing different product photos, check-out page designs, and even where shipping costs are displayed can lower this abandonment rate.

Some useful tools for A/B testing are the following:

  1. Google Optimize
  2. Optimizely
  3. Apptimize
  4. AB Tasty
  5. Convert
  6. Kameleon

A/B Testing is not complicated but you need to have a marketing strategy and a goal before you begin. Experienced marketers will save you a lot of time and money by conducting several splits tests for your website, newsletter or social media campaigns and they will let you know what works best for your business and what is costing you money.